Drink and lift

375,000 pounds of litter we left on the moon

11. Kevin Wilson short interview at The Short Review.

I cannot imagine a question I’d ask that would have an answer I’d be happy hearing.

10. Money.  FC2 gets cash! Oh, and there is a 25% sale on For Whom the Bells Toll (now $58,500). Even Shakespeare couldn’t make money with all this internet bullshit, waaaaaaa.

9. Best title, best profile ever.

8. Dude prints out an 1818 edition of John Keats’ book Endymion on New York’s first espresso book machine. Wow.

375,000: Hi, I am vapid. Lady GaGa’s boyfriend (a nightclub manager/long-distance runner/deejay/certified personal trainer/semi-pro bowler) is a notorious drunk. He is also really fit. His blog here. Now he is writing a weight loss book called “The Drunk Diet.” OK.

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February 16th, 2011 / 5:45 pm