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Elaine Kahn: Explain Yourself!

I was just reading the new issue of La Petite Zine for fun and then there was this thing by Elaine Kahn called “Imp, Imp” and I was like, dang Mom how did that happen? Here’s the bit that got me:

. . .
in the deep flit of your eyes
boldly rolling, high as a fruit pallet

Your voice, your voicely voice
. . .

Kahn blends sense sense and poem sense effectively, which is perhaps a challenging thing to do quickly as she does here. Also note that she uses fewer periods than most poets who’ve habituated Western Massachusetts, which is cool with me. My guess is the poem was written longer first and then reduced, but who cares what I think, what I’m asking is ELAINE KAHN, EXPLAIN YOURSELF! (applause)

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October 19th, 2010 / 3:53 pm