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For you: a copy of ARK CODEX ±0. Comment to win, and I’ll respond to the winner in a day or so. I have this book at home and it is beautiful.

THE SKY WENT RED giveaway x2 for why

I’m giving away two copies of THE SKY WENT RED WHILE HE WAS INSIDE, a small book produced by Kiddiepunk. The man behind Kiddiepunk and the cover artist/brilliant artist in general is Michael Salerno. This book is made of edited sections from CALL OUT, a novel I wrote. To enter: comment! I’ll randomly pick two people and hunt their e/meat addresses down. Thank you.

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March 12th, 2012 / 1:54 pm

This is not not a Contest


Clearly self-serving, but it’s free (like self promoting contests should be), and there’s already a ton of prizes, so what the hay:

Lamination Colony is hosting a free writing contest, no entry fee, with prizes of publication, books (including html contributor Chelsea Martin’s everything was fine until whatever), handmade art, a picture of my ass, and a continuously increasing array of prizes donated from all around, including (so far):

* (1) copy of Shane Jones’s ‘Light Boxes‘ from Publishing Genius
* (1) copy of Molly Gaudry’s ‘We Take Me Apart’ forthcoming from ML Press
* the last hand edited manuscript of THE SELF ESTEEM HOLOCAUST COMES HOME and a printed copy of FROWNS NEED FRIENDS TOO (new two books from Sam Pink)
* a copy of William Walsh’s ‘Questionstruck,’ Thomas Cooper’s ‘Phantasmagoria’ and Issue 7 of Keyhole, all from Keyhole Press

+ a ton more listed here

More prizes are being added by the hour (feel free to offer up your own), and again, it’s free.

This is a serious contest, there will be a winner, (at least 1-2) runner ups, everyone will get free shit, it will be free and people will read words maybe and talk about it not because there was a contest but because there are words.

For more info on what/how to enter, check the specs here. Thanks.

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May 28th, 2009 / 3:14 pm