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at a party guys…

Dumb fact guy

Brings 6 of beer has one left and takes it home with him guy

Has to phone girlfriend every four minutes guy

Guy who brings cheap jug of wine guy

Guy who gets pet drunk guy

Guy who turns everything into a bet guy

Doesn’t really want to go then dominates all conversations guy

Brings cheap 6 pack and you see him all night drinking Heinekens and Guinness guy

Let’s go out back and get high guy

Bum a smoke guy

Is this an open bar? guy

Way too old for this scene guy

Guy who just whips out his junk guy

Guy with hot, bored wife guy

Steal the silverware guy

Check the weather on phone and tell us the weather guy

Carries a gun to the party guy

Guy with guitar guy

Constantly gets laid guy

Profoundly depressed over break-up mopey guy

“When I was in Spain…” guy

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January 8th, 2012 / 12:59 pm