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Has anyone else been reading Greg Oden’s webpage/blog? (“Greg Oden’s Recent Activity is empty!”) It’s like poetry of the clinically depressed. It’s so honest as to be beautiful.

Well to start, I woke up this morning with an itchy throat and a runny nose.

After media training, I went out to dinner with the little white guy, the really quick one and I think he told me he played soccer all summer.

The second half i went up to the press box because i was getting cold and was tired of standing.

I usually hate it when there is fruit with my meal.

The next night when i woke up i had a puddle of blood where i was sleeping. It was in the spot where my puddle of slobber is usually at.

No one really looks at me as a 19 year old kid, and no one has for a while now.

I never get a chance to just come out and be here to go see the sights and walk around.

Im actually here in Portland right now visiting Nike and on the way here I saw mountains with snow on it, I thought to myself its May.

I sucked worse then anybody who ever played golf, i didnt even have one decent shot.

Its so bad that i watch Cold Case up to 4 in the morning every week night, because it comes on TNT starting at 12 and they play 4 episodes back to back.

When i got back here and i was going to move in i didnt have anything in my room.

I get lost just about everytime I step out my room.

I don’t think I was supposed to do it anyway.

I saw a guy with a Ohio State shirt and I got hype I was like thats amazing someone who loves Ohio State then once i saw 30 more people with the same shirt I was like hold up not all these people like Ohio State, but its ok.

I was quiet most of the time, and when I did talk they told me to speak up.

After that i hung out at home with my dog who i havent seen in over a month.

I can keep going and going but mostly im thankful just to wake up each morning.

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July 15th, 2010 / 3:08 pm