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Hahaha, “Ask a Mid-List Author,” good one J. Robert Lennon. AND the new Graywolf site is nice.

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In celebration of the paperback release of his latest novel Castle, the excellent J. Robert Lennon is giving away iPad and PDF versions of his Video Game Hints, Tricks, And Cheats: Essays, Exercises, Riffs, Gags, And Other Incidental Writings, “a collection of random, mostly comic writing from the past dozen years, including pieces published in Harper’s, Granta, The Los Angeles Times, McSweeney’s, and elsewhere.”

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What’s in your moat?


The worst one can usually expect from heading back home is an awkward encounter with an ex-girlfriend (“You look…great! No, you look great!) or reverting back to your 15-year-old self in the presence of your still-overbearing mother (“I can’t believe you put mayo on my sandwich, ma. Do you even know me? I’ll be in my room.”). The protagonist in J. Robert Lennon’s forthcoming novel Castle, though, has a far bigger, weirder and more sinister homecoming that involves bear traps, suspiciously altered documents and a fight to the death. I emailed a little with Lennon about his novel, as well as the book of short stories (Pieces for the Left Hand) that is being released the same day (March 31) and his one-man band, The Inverse Room. READ MORE >

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March 13th, 2009 / 11:33 am