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Les Figues’s 2011 TrenchArt Series: Recon

New & forthcoming from the always provocative Les Figues:

The 2011 TrenchArt series—Recon—is now available for new memberships and renewals.

For as little as $60, you can receive all five books in the series, individually mailed to you as they are published throughout the new year.  This means you’ll receive:IMG_3319
  • TrenchArt: Recon (aesthetics) Available now!
  • Negro Marfil | Ivory Black, by Myriam Moscona, translated by Jen Hofer
  • Tall, Slim and Erect: Portraits of the Presidents by Alex Forman
  • By Kelman Out of Pessoa by Doug Nufer
  • The Phonemes by Frances Richard
Each book is also the site of an unfolding articulation by visual artist Renee Petropoulos.
Give more than $60, and receive a tax-deduction!  See all member levels.

Plus there’s more: the TrenchArt Recon series is designed by writer/artist Janice Lee.  The covers for the aesthetic collection were letterpressed by the amazing Brian Teare.  Each book is hand-stamped with an image designed by Renee Petropoulos.  The stamping will continue throughout the year, which means, members only will receive specially stamped books!


The TrenchArt series also makes a wonderful holiday gift.  Simply indicate “gift” in the comments box, and we’ll include a note in the package.
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