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Ok Death, that’s enough now

Louise Bourgeois, RIP, 1911-2010

Massive People / 8 Comments
May 31st, 2010 / 11:04 pm

Louise Bourgeois on Writing

“Art is manipulation without intervention.”

“I am not what I am, I am what I do with my hands.”

“Surrealism is anathema for me. Because the surrealists made a joke of everything. And I consider life a tragedy.”

“I like Francis Bacon best, because Francis Bacon has terrific problems, and he knows that he is not going to solve them, but he knows also that he can escape from day to day and stay alive, and he does that because his work gives him a kick.”

“Once I was beset by anxiety but I pushed the fear away by studying the sky, determining when the moon would come out and where the sun would appear in the morning.”

“Art is not about art.”

“It is not so much where my motivation comes from but rather how it manages to survive.”

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April 23rd, 2010 / 1:27 pm

Language Removal Services offer a sampling of people speaking in public, with the language removed, leaving the breathing, the “ums” and “ahs,” etc. Have a taste of William Burroughs, Marilyn Monroe, Louise Bourgeois, Sly, Noam Chomsky, etc., getting into themselves. [via Christian Bok’s twitter feed]