New Year’s Day

What begins tomorrow? Is it “two thousand ten” or “twenty ten”? …Shouldn’t we start getting used to saying “twenty” as the first part? We’re not still going to be saying “two thousand fifty” in 2050, right?

“New Year’s Day” by Robert Lowell (with special free associative bonus)

Okay, it’s almost 3PM now, so I guess I better start pulling it together. The passed-out girl is officially getting up off the picnic table, and trying to figure out where she threw her top. A week or so ago I was buying a book for a friend on Amazon, and figured what I always figure when I buy from Amazon, which is that I should put the money I was going to spend on shipping charges into another purchase, because once you nudge up to $25 the shipping becomes free. ┬áSo which book?


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January 1st, 2009 / 4:35 pm