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A reminder: The prayer-as-story, story-as-prayer web journal On Earth As It Is, which I edit with my buddy Bryan, is accepting submissions through April 30. The work we accept will make up the last round of weekly updates on the site. Submit here. (If you have any questions, leave them in the comments for this post and I will answer them as best I can.)

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A head’s up: writers who have enjoyed the On Earth As It Is project, and would like to try to write something for it, will soon have that chance. My co-editor and I will have open submissions through the month of April. (I’ll make note of it here and on our Facebook page.) Also, the work we choose will become the last round of updates for the site. The site will remain up and the stories available to be read, but we will no longer add to it.

On Earth As It Is

I don’t know if someone else was going to write about this here at htmlgiant, and they still oughta if they wanna, but in the meantime let me say: everyone tune your browser to On Earth As It Is, a new web journal that uses prayer as a story telling form. As the website puts it, “On Earth As It Is is a cycle of prayer narratives, or dramatic monologues addressed to God, from writers of different faiths.” It’s run by our beloved Matthew Simmons and Bryan Furuness, and so far they’ve run two pieces (one per week). Last week we were given an Augustinian-but-more-lovely apologia from Melanie Rae Thon:

What more evidence do you need?
Snow melts into dark earth and here in damp woods white trillium blossoms.

and yesterday, from Erin McGraw, “A Statement from the Defense.” READ MORE >

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March 19th, 2010 / 9:56 am