playa bankroll

Please help me destroy $75


I have a $75 gift certificate to Target that I got as a suprise bonus gift for judging some middle schoolers’ creative writing. It was mostly all entires about Michael Phelps, 9-11, and Barack Obama, but there were some nice surprises, like the one about the dude made out of hashbrowns. One kid had written a rap about candy and money and girls; I gave him second place in his grade. Two of my picks won state also, I am wondering if he was one of them? And will soon have a record coming out about candy and money and girls? Anyway, now I have no idea what to buy and it is burning my hand to hold. Their website actually has a pretty great selection of books, and plus all that other booshit that I never think about looking at. Any suggestions on how to spend this playa bankroll?

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April 20th, 2009 / 8:52 pm