Queer as Folk

My name has never sounded sexier.

Dead ringer.

Dead ringer.

I’m not sure how many people know this already, but “Justin Taylor” is–among other things–also the name of a fictional character from the now-defunct TV show Queer as Folk. What’s NOT defunct is the stream of fan-fiction concerning Justin’s relationship with Brian Kinney. There’s tons of it being produced and published, almost entirely on Livejournal. Often times they move the characters into new environments/situations/worlds, such as a sci-fi-ish future or else, as in today’s offering, a high school that’s also somehow “like Muppet Babies.”  In the grand tradition of slashfiction, all of this *ahem* literature is known by the collective title of Brian/Justin fiction, or, simply–and perfectly, am I right?–BJ fic. How do I know all this? Uh, own-name Google alert–anybody? Here’s an extract from chapter two of QAF Babies (click anywhere to get swept away to QAFland):

Then he stops leaning on his hand and tilts his head. He asks, in a sultry voice (or so I think), “What’s your real name, Sunshine?”

I smile. “Justin. Justin Taylor.”

He repeats slowly, “Justin Taylor.” My name has never sounded sexier.

I laugh uncomfortably and then whisper (Mrs. Newman had already shot us a couple warning looks), “You never answered my first question.”

In response, he asks playfully, “Why shouldn’t I take home ec? Where else will I learn how to cook my man a hearty meal, balance his checkbook, care for all our adopted babies, and darn his socks?”
I stare at him blankly. After a minute or two, he chuckles. “Maybe I just want to ogle your hot ass as you bend over to put cookies in the oven…”

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April 13th, 2009 / 2:19 pm