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Mean Monday: Christy Call Talks Shit About(3) the MFA in Creative Writing (for personal reasons)

This conversation did no go as I ‘hoped’ it would. I wanted Christy to talk shit about people who talk shit about MFA programs, but instead she just talked shit about MFA programs. She is hard to control, I admit.

Enjoy, I guess:

me: what should we talk about next?
Chris: hmm
  i dont know/
me: mfa programs?
  poeple who make fun of mfa programs?
Chris: that sounds good
  or programs that pretend to be mfa programs but arent
  like my program
  that now has an mfa program
me: ?
  oh right
  they faked you out
Chris: haha ya
  fake out!
me: fake out!
  now give us your moeny
Chris: lots of it
me: all of it

The situation at her university is this: she is enrolled in an MA program in creative writing, but the university has just started an MFA program very recently. I believe the MA program is in the continuing education department or something and requires less credits in order to complete the degree.

So, what do people think? Comment on stuff or something: talk shit about the MFA or talk shit about the shit-talkers. Complain about how boring such a discussion really is. Post recipes. I don’t know. Don’t do anything.

What tattoos do people have?

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November 17th, 2008 / 2:01 pm