seemed bleak

ToBS R1: ‘curating’ a reading series vs. crossing off typed name & signing your name below it in yr book

[Matchup #20 inĀ Tournament of Bookshit]

‘curating’ a reading series

pros: you will have something to do, you will have a legitimate reason to talk to and meet writers you like, you will be able to promote writers you like which may distract you from shit-talking writers you dislike

cons: ~90% of readings i’ve been to have ‘seemed bleak,’ you will quickly ‘run out of’ readers to ask to read, you might feel pressure to promote the readings so it won’t be awkward when the audience is small, you might feel pressure to introduce every reader with enthusiasm and to appear happy/excited that they’re reading for your series, you will be in positions where you might have to either ignore or reject certain people who want to read for your series READ MORE >

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December 6th, 2011 / 5:12 pm