news break: Nebraska Revises Child Safe Haven Law

The work of unruly teens.

The work of unruly teens?

ALL POINTS BULLETIN: To anyone who was thinking about writing a story “premised” on the uber-inclusive Safe Haven law of the state of Nebraska, be aware that your work has just become HISTORICAL FICTION. (all text leads to full NYT article)

Top Google Image result for Historical Fiction.

Top Google Image Search result for "historical fiction." Umm, okay.

>>Earlier this year, Nebraska was the last of the 50 states to adopt a so-called safe haven law, which was mainly intended to protect newborns from being abandoned to the elements or killed by panicked young mothers. But instead of specifying that the law only applied to infants up to a certain age, as in all other states, Nebraska’s version used the word “child,” opening the door to handovers of children up to age 18.

Since Sept. 1, to the shock of state officials and the public, 35 children, many of them teen-agers and including several from out-of-state, were left at hospitals under the law.<<

The law was revised during an emergency legislative session this week, is supposed to be signed today, and will go into effect at 12:01 AM Saturday, i.e. tonight. So if you’ve got a baby, child, tween, or teen you’ve been waffling about getting rid of, I advise you to put petal to the metal RIGHT NOW, and decide if you’re really serious while you’re en route. For reference, this where you’re headed:

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November 21st, 2008 / 3:43 pm