Today is J.G. Ballard Day

over at Dennis Cooper’s blog, The Weaklings. 

For folks who don’t know, Cooper runs one of the greatest blogs on the net. He organizes his posts into massive, theme-driven “Days” and posts a new one daily, Mon-Sat. Topics range from literature to cinema to art to professional wrestling to gay porn to music to whatever else you can think of. He’s also a big advocate of collaboration and participation, and is always eager to have members of his blog community to guest-curate a Day of their own devising. 

A semi-random sampling from the blog archives:

October 8th was David Ohle Day, guest-curated by Jeff

October 2nd was John Ashbery Day

On September 22nd we checked out some male escorts

On September 19th I curated a day of pictures of my friend Maggie

On June 7th we reviewed some of the history of Queer Punk

On May 6th we looked at 10 squats

March 13, 2007: A Basic Layout of David Lynch’s ‘The Air is on Fire’ 

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October 10th, 2008 / 10:01 am