20.5 “Books” I Found Especially Beautiful in 2013

Posted by @ 8:42 pm on December 22nd, 2013

Johannes Göransson said on Facebook that one thing he doesn’t like about the “list”-based idea of criticism is: “that you can’t challenge it. You’re not allowed to say: No this list is mediocre or whatever. Then you’re not a nice person.”

Here’s a list of books I’ve only read four of but find especially aesthetically pleasing. Be a nice person.


Brandon Brown – Flowering Mall – Roof Books

Dana Ward – This Can’t Be Life – Edge Books

Graham Foust – To Anacreon in Heaven and Other Poems – Flood Editions

Roger Luckhurst – The Shining – BFI Publishing

Vladimir Nabokov – The Eye – Vintage

Jesse Ball – The Way Through Doors – Vintage

Darby Larson – IRRITANT – Blue Square Press

Brian Larosche – Un Coup de 3 Dés – Broken Dimanche Press

Lennard J. Davis – Obsession, A History – University of Chicago Press

Rob Fitterman – Holocaust Museum – Counterpath Books

Ana Božičević – Rise in the Fall – Birds, LLC

Ed Ruscha – Cotton Puffs, Q-Tips, Smoke and Mirrors – Steidl

Tom Comitta – – Ugly Duckling Presse

Rob Fitterman & Vanessa Place – Notes on Conceptualisms, the Blank Edition – Ugly Duckling Presse

Franz Kafka – Amerika – Schocken

Alissa Nutting – Tampa– Faber & Faber

John Updike – The Rabbit Tetralogy – Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.

Robert The – Book Works & Book Guns:


Morten Søndergaard – Soap Poetry/Sæbepoesi – Broken Dimanche Press – ISBN: 978-3-943196-08-5

Lorenzo Sandova & S.T.I.F.F – Mutant Matters – ISBN: 978-3-943196-16-0

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