October 20th, 2010 / 5:00 pm
Web Hype


There’s a new issue of Absent. They’ve done 5 issues since 2006, which isn’t a brisk pace, but I’m glad they’re still plugging away. One of the most radical things a journal or press can do is exist (even if they are Cannot Exist), so good job everyone who’s still at it.

What are some of the things you’ve published in defunct places? How did that make you feel?

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  1. darby

      i could put a collection together of work published in now defuncts. i think ive developed the mind that the internet is mud, so we know what we’re diving into. i feel the most pinch that opium’s old archives have never become available again. absent is really cool by the way, the new issue is rock. …before opium was a print. i had some of my first i felt really creatively brave pieces there six or seven years ago. launch pads. all calvin lius guys, although the glut seems to have appeared again somehow. places like mitochondria i miss though.

  2. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      haven’t had any defuncts yet, but storyglossia’s blog disappeared, it seems, along w/ my interview there which I’m sad I didn’t think to save my own copy of. Maybe in my outbox somewhere.

  3. or here

      I’ve been in the closing issues of so many places it make me feel like Candide.

  4. Sean

      Well don’t blame the internet. You publish in print and it’s at some library, dusty, yellow, gone.

      I think all net work can be/is archived.

      Not so print.

  5. MM

      y’all keep your own archives, right?
      cardboard box kind.

  6. darby

      disagrhee. the internet is still more malleable. its existence depends on third party humans. someone who is not the author knows a password that gives them access to the file of the work that can be changed or deleted and re-saved whenever. you can’t change print once its print. the author owns a contrib copy to show their grandpets.

  7. Elisa

      I actually meant to reply to this, not like it. (Sorry.) I was going to say you can print out your poem from the Internet and keep it. :)

  8. darby

      i liked yours. i meant it. ;)

      but i mean, what you are saying is proving my point. in order for it be something, it needs to be printed, right? even if you somehow printed out like a hundred copies and negotiated the internet version be taken down, you basically just became your own print press.