December 20th, 2008 / 4:31 am
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Barrelhouse Posts Holiday Guide, Wants Submissions on Office Life

not dave housley

not dave housley


The pop flotsam and cultural jetsam never ceases. Good thing Barrelhouse is around to clean up the mess.

Two things of note from those crazy bastards:

1) Barrelhouse is now reading for their Office Life Invitational. What do they want? Well, it’s pretty simple:

The Office is a TV show that has earned commercial and critical success. It is also the setting of your miserable life for at least 40 hours a week, and no one can take that away from you. Unfortunately. But doesn’t art flourish through misery?

Barrelhouse has decided to test that theory by inviting you cubicle drones to submit your fiction, essays, and poems about the highest highs and lowest lows of the disproportionate amount of time you spend in an Office Of Some Sort.

They even have a memo and a powerpoint presentation to clarify a few things for you.

2) In my Facebook inbox was the following Barrelhouse-y holiday guide (for those of you wanting to support indie lit this Christmas):

Hey Barrelhouse People, 

We know you’ve been thinking, “I wonder what that one internet group that I joined, the one from the weird literary magazine that’s obsessed with Patrick Swayze, I wonder what they think I should buy my smart, smartass literary friends this year?”

Well, you, facebook friend, are in luck. Here’s your shopping list for this year. Amaze your friends at your literary awesomeness! Marvel at Mary Miller’s ability to put out two books of short stories at once! Buy stuff or download it for free! Whatever you do, here’s a great list of stuff from Barrelhouse friends and contributors (sorry if we missed some of you; we’re sure we did). 

All back issues selling for the low low price of $5.

Blake Butler\’s \”Ever\” 

Mary Miller\’s \”Less Shiny\”

Mary Miller\’s \”Big World\”

Matt Bell\’s \”How the Broken Lead the Blind\”

David Barringer\’s \”What Happened to Us These Last Few Years: An Anthology of the Bush Years\”

Paul Maliszewski\’s \”Fakers\”

Tod Goldberg\’s \”Burn Notice: The Fix”\”

Patrick Somerville\’s \”The Cradle\”

Greg Ames\’ \”Buffalo Lockjaw\”

Alex Irvine\’s \”The Vertigo Encyclopedia\”

Jill Alexander Essbaum\’s \”Harlot\”

Michael Kimball\’s \”Dear Everybody\”


Dzanc Books:

No Tell Books:


Ryan Call\’s \”Pocket Finger\”

Lee Klein\’s \”Supersucker\”

Jeanpaul Ferro\’s \”Becoming X\”

Go get em! Happy holidays. 


That’s all. Back to grading papers.

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