October 11th, 2010 / 8:52 pm
Web Hype

Live Giants #9: Grace Krilanovich

You missed Grace’s live broadcast but you can still check out and buy her novel, The Orange Eats Creeps, at Two Dollar Radio, and you should do that cuz it’s ooooo.



  1. Trey

      ugh, this streaming service likes to interrupt streaming with an advert, then resume streaming from the place it left off—essentially eliminating the true “liveness” of it. I’m just bitchy

  2. Trey

      actually maybe I was wrong, maybe it does pick up live after the ad goes off.

  3. Blake Butler

      were you in bands, or go to a lot of shows? i was really compelled by how well you nailed the house show scenes in the book, and wondered about your musical experience, and if music contributed to the book in other ways besides those direct scenes?

  4. Scott mcclanahan

      What a great fricking novel.

  5. Blake Butler

      i’d also like to hear more about the cut up methods you used and how that physically worked and what kind of results you got i.e. how much came out of that and how much was made and thrown away

  6. soft

      did u read any fairy tales while writing creeps? if so, what?

  7. Jones

      Wondering about the setting for the book. Are you from the pacific northwest?

  8. thisissolar

      I’m in the middle of the book now, so apologies that this isn’t really relevant to the book. But where were you when you found out you’d been nominated for 5 Under 35? Was it anything you’d been anticipating?

  9. reynard seifert

      i’ve always felt that my friends in bands are more literate (or at least read more interesting things) than my friends who are not in bands, do you feel like you write for people who play music or at least people who go to shows? or for a general audience?

  10. Blake Butler

      [ i dont know if you can see the q’s in the chatroom with the video but here is one from there ] corpuslibris: What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had? Are any of the dreams in Orange Eats Creeps ones that you’ve actually had?

  11. lorian

      what does ‘gothic’ mean to you, and do you think there’s such a thing as ‘nu-gothic’

  12. Bobobob

      jarretmiddleton: how long did it take you to write OEC? did you write any of it in an interesting place or situation?

  13. letters journal

      What about oogles? What do you think of oogles?

  14. Henry

      speaking of stuff, you seem surrounded by it. Are you in your studio. Is that where you write? Can you write anywhere or only in a specific place?

  15. letters journal

      Scummy travel punks.

  16. mike cvc

      grace, forgive me for the cheesy irrelevant question, but i always ask people when i see traces of the classics around them… are you into newer/current hardcore at all? or does the interest stop in the 80s?

  17. Alban Fischer

      Who are your influences (literary, cinematic, or other)? Which most influenced this novel?

  18. letters journal

      What about Hatebreed.

  19. mike cvc

      off! rules. keith morris will never ever die.

  20. lorian

      did u ever go to raves?

  21. Kristen Iskandrian

      ohh, Cruddy is one of my favorites. Great reading/Q&A, too–thanks.

  22. letters journal

      I’m sorry my questions aren’t ‘working’. Oh well. Your book sounds awesome, and I will read it.

  23. James

      Is the reference to Lost Boys a shout out to Santa Cruz?

  24. Bobobob

      would you read one last section?

  25. Tankpony

      How many hours a day do you write?

  26. mike cvc

      haha. now we’re fuckin talking.

  27. reynard seifert

      yeah that answered my question, i feel like there’s a lot of crossover between independent music and independent literature that is totally not happening that totally could happen. as you said, people who are into cool stuff are into cool stuff, if they know about it and if it’s made for them to think is cool because it’s talking about them. i am always encouraging people in bands to write. thanks, grace.

  28. lorian

      it’s okay, it’s an embarrassing question. moments in the book unnerved me in the same way lights and house music and robitussin used to inside abandoned warehouses. all those kids staggering around as the sun came up. something sinister and maniacal about the 90’s rave scene, but maybe it’s just a midwestern thing i dunno.

  29. GraceK

      Thanks everybody for these great questions! Sorry I couldn’t get to the last few.

  30. Sean

      Great reading. Thanks for this.