November 17th, 2010 / 3:09 pm
Web Hype


  1. jereme_dean

      estrogen surplus indeed.

  2. stephen


  3. Molly Gaudry

      xo, jimmy

  4. Ethan


  5. drewkalbach

      last four were the best

  6. mjm

      can i get a hell yeah?

  7. A Mountain Path In Spring

      chance that this poster is disapointed that the list doesn’t have some sort of ratio or percentage for ballistic penises: 100%

  8. jesusangelgarcia

      Not sure if it’s my love for Harper’s, HTMLG or you, Jimmy — yes, you! — but this seems like the best one yet. So true… so true.

  9. AmyWhipple

      That was a most needed laugh.

  10. Collideorscape

      Can we see this on a regular basis? Perhaps monthly?

  11. Christopher Higgs

      I wish your first index entry about me was true, Jimmy, — love the double negative, btw — but sadly, I sorely need new glasses. As for your second entry about me…I fear it’s true…but just to clarify, I have a really REALLY big vocabulary!

  12. Wilt Chamberlain

      I’ve seen it. Wow.

  13. NLY

      Some of us might even be both feminists and misogynists.

  14. Ken Baumann


  15. sara

      this is awesome. makes me feel confident somehow.

  16. reynard seifert

      when i got a recommendation for medical marijuana i told the doctor i needed it to treat the anxiety of influence

      the typos make this way more authentic

      so high right now

  17. James Yeh

      I think it’s certainly possible, particularly if one is in belief, while the other is in action.

  18. peep

      This isn’t an index.

  19. efferny jomes

      that Fuzzy Cross site is fucking filthy

  20. peep

      This isn’t an index.

  21. Tadd Adcox

      This may be the funniest thing on the internet at this moment. Well, this and those youtube videos edited to sound like Sesame Street characters are saying the word “fuck.”

  22. — Wordpress News
  23. Eliabethellen


  24. Eliabethellen


  25. Jonny Ross

      Nice one.

  26. Jonny Ross

      Nice one.