On Influence: ‘DOOM, DOOM, DOOM!’

Posted by @ 3:20 pm on April 6th, 2009


I was at a reading end of last year or sometime, this guy, reading words on paper, talked between the things he’d written previously, to explain the things he’d written previously, though in a way so that the lead-ins were way better than the things themselves, making me huddle in the head some for the idea of making words, at least in there.

Word schools. “My father was a steel man: me, I’m in syllables, ones that don’t quite say.”

Me too, me too, I’m sure.

Regardless, during one of these monologues between glossies the dude said something about how when he teaches fresh writing students, the first thing he tells ’em is how they have to get out of the mode of imitating what they love. How they needed to stop trying to mimic other writers in the mind of ‘using their own voice.’

I seriously had to grab my pitching arm from grabbing a book off the shelf of the store the reading was in and lobbing it at dude’s head.

I bit my mouth and forgot about it for a while, so I could get out without hemorrhage.

All this acting as a lead-in for the real post I wanted to post, my current favorite viral video of the month:

Mos Def in admiration for his man the MF Doom

Magic begets magic, like how I get up any day at all, maybe.

Those ones that make you glow.

How many years I spent trying to figure out this one:


only to come to know that my learning in not-learning was the real one, and no one could anyway, no matter how hard and long they tried.

[Here’s where I say something about the scene in ‘The Fermata’ by Nicholson Baker, the scene where the guy records the erotic story for the woman on the highway and installs it in her car so she can listen and be primed for when they pass, for those who know that story, and how time can be anything and not at all. I don’t care that that just made no sense.]

[Here’s where I say something about that scene in ‘The Wild Boys’ where the kid is riding his bike down a street, and how I have spent however many years trying to replicate the feeling those two pages gave in me.]

[Here’s where though the Ramones shat 10,000 shitty bands, they still rewired all those cells.]

[Here’s a random bowdown for my joint ‘Suttree’.]

Here’s where I show you some MF Doom and how he rules:

Get the game up.

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