“it had this varnish all over it / we got this varnish all over us”

Posted by @ 4:04 pm on July 27th, 2010

Deeply excited to spread of word of Emily Toder’s Brushes With, which is a little book about meeting shapes that’s coming out from Tarpaulin Sky. Stop shaving your home bases and practicing the same three chords and have a look at this. Excerpt after the jump:

BRUSHES WITH 4 (originally published in Slope)
Emily Toder

There was this trapezoid
this big walnut trapezoid
where we lived
an oversized mahogany one and we went up to it
it was larger than us where we lived in this big sunk fence
we lived in a radical place
blue crows flew low over the trapezoid
this is how beautiful it was
it looked like a piece of baby grand
rising like a root but a lot slicker
then it started to grow grey around it
and water started to fall around it
in the rain the cherry trapezoid contracted
we were nostalgic for it already
How ugly is nostalgia
when it is followed by already
said one of its angles condensing
we were agape
For I remain
continued the angle
it spoke very properly
it was the acutest angle
and the wisest
it had this varnish all over it
we got this varnish all over us
we were now on top of this trapezoid
all slickened
we were now stuck on this trapezoid

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