November 3rd, 2010 / 2:19 pm
Snippets & Web Hype

What writers do you think have the most entertaining or thought provoking Twitter feeds?


  1. lorian

      ellen kennedy blake butler michael schaub spencer young

  2. darby

      david markson

  3. Sara H

      Warren Ellis, easy.

  4. Ani Smith

      mark leidner always makes me think or laugh or think and laugh.

  5. Sean H Doyle

      Ghostface Killah.

  6. aaron b

      wait wait wait. Ghostface tweets?
      Damn, I need to get a twitter account just to follow some of these peeps, I think. I check in on Kanye’s here and there and kinda love it.

  7. Adam Robinson

      Ryan Call.

  8. Kyle Minor

      Amelia Gray’s Twitter feed is without peer.

  9. Kendra Grant Malone

      i will second ryan call. i end up reading his out loud a lot. chris killen is also pretty on point.

  10. Ani Smith

      yes! and gene morgan, too.

  11. Sean

      fuck twitter

  12. Jordan Gillespie


  13. Roxane

      Ryan Call’s Twitter makes me laugh all the time but my favorite is Andrea Seigel’s. She’s pure gold.

  14. Matthew Simmons

      Kanye West.


  15. Matthew Simmons

      Seriously, ditto Ryan and Gene’s. And Amelia’s. (And, fuck it: Blake’s. Call me a kiss-ass. Blake is hilarious.)

      I like the Harry Stephen Keeler twitter feed.

      Anne Boyer’s is fantastic.

  16. Rion Amilcar Scott

      Me, muthafucka. @reeamilcarscott

  17. Madison Langston

      Brian Oliu, Anne Boyer, and Michael Martone

  18. Vaughan Simons


  19. lorian long

      ellen kennedy blake butler michael schaub spencer young

  20. lorian long

      oh, and trent reznor. before he ‘retired’

  21. gene

      blake, amelia, sommer browning, timothy sanders.

  22. Kendra Grant Malone

      oh shit i forgot how good ellen is. definitely ellen. she is my all time fave.

  23. Kevin Sampsell

      Blake Butler is king of tweets. Srrriously.

  24. Guest

      140 is the new, sad oulipo.

  25. drewkalbach

      my tweets are the only tweets which mean more than just words or whatever

  26. jereme_dean

      the writers without a twitter account.

  27. jereme_dean

      yes, exactly.

  28. rawbbie

      Sommer Browning @vagtalk. and me.

  29. rawbbie

      actually, I like my friends Carrie Murphy and Mike Meginnis too. Oh, and Mark Leidner

  30. jake s.

      mark leidner, duh. oh and gene morgan.
      wish megan boyle used twitter more often.
      colson whitehead’s twitter seriously bums me out hard.

  31. mark leidner


  32. Matthew Simmons
  33. Blake Butler

      for twitter haters, you two sure are edgy and succinct.

  34. jereme_dean

      i don’t have twitter but i do see his tweet reposts on FB: MATT DEBENEDICTIS

      dude is a unicorn mangler.

  35. jereme_dean

      i think you should stick to tweeting about cake.

  36. Christopher Higgs

      I like to look at Kanye West’s twitter and Ron Artest’s twitter. I know I’m probably improperly conjugating the word “twitter” — I can never figure it out. Should I say, I like to look at West’s and Artest’s twitter page or twitter entries or tweets or twitters or what? I don’t get it. I feel like an old man whenever my students talk about twittering tweets or whatever it is; ah fuck it, it doesn’t matter. I think West and Artest say some golden stuff on their individual twitter websites. They should team up and put out a book on the new Cash Money book label. That is what should happen.

  37. Anonymous
  38. Guest
  39. Igor

      Mark Leidner, no doubt.

  40. damon

      yes. I see a sit-com out of this Kanye/Cash Money deal.

  41. Salvatore Pane

      I’m un-ironically going to have to say Kanye West and especially 50 Cent. Have you seen his? It was controlled by his handlers for awhile and then, somehow, 50 got control of the thing and just started threatening people, propositioning women, and saying that he was going to kill everyone at TweetPhoto if they didn’t make their password system easier to figure out within the next three seconds. Seriously. Check that shit out.

      As for writers, I like Brian Oliu, Ameila Gray, Dan Chaon and Matt Fraction.

  42. Salvatore Pane
  43. Laura

      Ryan is pretty great.

  44. reynard seifert

      nicholas sparks because i’ve always wondered what a horse dreams about when it’s on ketamine

  45. efferny jomes

      Sarah palin
      i’m hilarious

  46. John Minichillo

      MOtke Dapp, y’all. Friend him on the FB.

      Here’s a sample:

      I just stapled some whiskey into a flat piece of paper and called it Cheetos. Other people call it “Wednesday.”

  47. Guest

      Matt Fraction is hilarious.

  48. John Minichillo

      Kanye Jordan:

      Put “Liz Lemon” in front of Kanye’s tweets and he becomes Tracy Jordan.

  49. Richard Hellinga

      Maud Newton and Colson Whitehead

  50. Doug

      I like Roxane’s Twitter exchanges with xTx.

  51. steve roggenbuck

      tao lin, marshall mallicoat, and poncho peligroso


  52. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      I second Blake’s, is a great text.

  53. Tim Jones-Yelvington


  54. dole

      Leidner & Hamburger

  55. Andrea Seigel

      ohhhhh shitttttt, thankyou.

  56. Blake Butler

      one no mentioned yet and is one of my favorites is Melissa Broder

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  58. Carlos Rowles

      Poncho Peligroso

  59. P. H. Madore

      xTx is the queen of twatting.