Catch it if you Can: The Sad Meal, by DJ Dolack

Posted by @ 5:09 pm on December 28th, 2008

I met DJ Dolack for the first time a few weeks before Christmas, at a party. Turns out we’ve both written for Coldfront. So okay, nice to meet you, DJ. Then the next week I’m getting ready to give this reading for Hexed, and notice that I’ll be sharing a bill with–among others–one DJ Dolack. Also, now that I think about it, weren’t me and dude both in the Fall 2008 issue of diode? (Yes.) Weird how much your life can overlap with somebody else’s without either of your even knowing it. Well, anyway, when we were at the reading, DJ gave me a copy of his 2005 chapbook, “The Sad Meal,” which was published by Eye for an Iris and distributed through Black Ocean. It’s a gorgeous little book, on nice paper, about the size of a thank you card (it came in an illustrated envelope)  and bound with a single staple.  I have no idea how many were printed, or how to get one (Eye for an Iris’s site seems to not have anything on it, and the Black Ocean page for “The Sad Meal” doesn’t exist anymore) but I have one and I think it’s pretty cool.

Here’s a poem from it:


“Thought the Driver”


All of it. Sand on the heels of my jeans

picked up from Coney Island and tracked

back through Jersey into the country.

My busted headlight trilling through the dark

like an aching fighter. Brother paralyzed in bed,

cancer’s acid vanishing his stomach.

His spine twisting like a joist: a house

growing over itself. His hips: a pier buckling.

At times I have introduced myself

as an only child. When he dies, I will shave my face

and follow him until he is put in place.

My one eye closed to mimic the car,

I drive off the road

and into a tree three miles from home. It’s nothing.

The two of us sing together in the time

before someone finds me. 




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