April 22nd, 2009 / 4:01 pm
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“Glad enough to play a very cliched and overplayed song that you would hate to hear if I wasn’t singing along to it”

Radio that matters
Radio that matters

Is all Internet radio wicked cool? Since Shane Jones was on Apostrophe Cast I’ve been checking out more of it. It’s not just all YouTube for me anymore. Like today I listened to a fun conversation between Ben Tanzer and Jamie Iredell. And for the last week I’ve been catching up with the Nazario Scenario on WHFR, which stands for Washington Heights Free Radio.


I met Amanda Nazario (blog) at AWP. A bunch of us got beers at Ricochet’s, kind of an old haunt of mine, a pretty crappy, soulless corner bar. The kind I like best, actually — it doesn’t try too hard to be anything but a long counter, a dart board, and a pee-y floor, but on Sundays during Bears games they would put out some dang ziti. Anyway, Amanda played the jukebox and played some songs I really like and don’t always expect to hear in crappy soulless corner bars and I was like “whoa cool” and Christy Call was like “well she’s a deejay, duh.”
So, right she has a radio show called The Nazario Scenario. It’s awesome. Listen to it when you’re writing or cleaning your desk off. It’s archived here. You will hear things like “the DJ Andy Smith remix of the Peggy Lee version of ‘Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay'” and Foghat deep cuts and typical college rock selections like Karate. You will hear theme sets, like the one playing in my ear now about rats. You will even hear her sing along with lame (by now) Wilco songs and other songs that she can’t find recordings of. And it’s all mixed up with her rambling for a while which would be annoying if you were in the car or jogging but how could you be in the car ‘cuz the show is on the Internet, so since you’re cleaning out the fridge it’s not annoying at all. It’s like Delilah for people cleaning out the fridge, meaning it’s like Delilah for people who aren’t depressed on account of their bf being a lying cheat. Neat.
And here’s a Nazario short in Wigleaf.

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