October 20th, 2011 / 8:41 am
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Glow-Rally: Kim Chinquee

I got on my starting blocks and put my mind on something else: cereal, weeds, my father’s hands, my mother’s dirty apron.

Soldiers at the door now…

They all wanted Cokes and the grandma said a beer please, and the boy’s father went and ordered, delivering while the pins clinked and banged and rattled.

Another train ride, and here I am with your goddamn strawberry lotion.

She tried to hide her breath, said she had a good day.

I put my hand there.

The lights were on and so I knocked and then the lights were off.

She was healthy and her laughter proved it, her laugh was like a cluck, like the chickens she used to feed, watch hatch, then butcher.

What do we do with him when he’s dead?”

He asked me to do things.

“She loved God,” the chaplain said. He was getting wobbly on the drum.

Later, lunch at Denny’s, we talked about what to do with the lorazep, trihexphen, risperidone, fluoxetine, the haldol in the lock box.

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  1. Madison Langston

      fluoxetine made my skin crawl like it was just going to decide it was one thing and slide off of me altogether 

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  5. Sam Ligon