Jordan Castro interviews Megan Boyle

Posted by @ 3:36 pm on January 10th, 2012

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172 Responses to “Jordan Castro interviews Megan Boyle”

  1. Brian M says:

    I like you Jordan. I liked your horny poem and story a lot.

  2. Brian M says:

    Their work qualifies as art. 100%

  3. Brian M says:

    Dude, this is really cool and fun. I liked your ‘flow.’

  4. Cvan says:

    It’s as annoying as people that still say “Alrighty then” and other annoying phrases they heard in a Jim Carrey movie years and years ago. 

  5. Cvan says:

    Jimmy, how dare you out the “plot” of Tao’s next book. 

  6. Jordan says:

    thanks bruh

  7. Cvan says:

    I beg differ regarding The Dame.  “One hundred year old friend”!  Yeah, that Susan B. Anthony, she was somethin’.  When she asked a stoned mumbling goof to punch her in the face, she didn’t stage any of that shit.  She took the punch before she changed her frock.

  8. Jordan says:

    fuck you

  9. Cvan says:

    Uh, Guestagain, why do you care?  It appears to me that the so-called Mr. Jordan has been “pulling on his dik” this whole thread.  Any difference between this and the other video you speak of?  No, not at all.

  10. Casey Anthony's Boyfriend says:

    That gurl yr talking about I think is real hot and yes sexy and her life in’t sad since i’m there now.

  11. Cvan says:

    Ah, I’m guessing that latter applies.  Was the stash hidden under the trucker cap or behind the John Deere belt buckle or maybe in the Starsky and Hutch lunch box?

  12. Brooks Sterritt says:

    Viswas: a two-syllable surname

  13. Jonathan Safran Foer says:

    You pretty much cut his balls off with this comment. 

  14. Jonathan Safran Foer says:


  15. Don says:

    This video doesn’t offend me (and I liked Megan’s book a lot), but it does remind me why I do not do drugs or hang out with people who are doing them.

  16. Maya Reelnaym says:


  17. Gingersnap222 says:

    She is pretty, though.

  18. Devin says:

    I enjoyed watching this video. It is really life affirming to see two people genuinely enjoying each other’s company, having ‘meaningful’ conversation, and experiencing what seems like a ‘good trip’. 

    I really like Megan Boyle as a writer and, from what I’ve seen, as a person. I also think that Jordan Castro is interesting and intelligent. People can be really negative and ugly, sometimes. From what i’ve read, the commenters who have chastised Jordan and Megan for being self important-self-promoters seem really bitter and jealous. Like, why does this bother you at all? What are you lacking in your own life that makes you feel like you have to try to tear someone down for simply posting a video of an enjoyable experience? 

    I’m sure people will assume I am some asshole that is totally on Jordan’s and Megan’s nuts. I have nothing to gain from saying any of this and normally wouldn’t comment on posts at all, but goddamnit guys…just…..fucking…chill. Just breath. We’re all gonna day someday, anyway. 

  19. go ahead mic my day says:

    Hello sock-puppet commenter

  20. Maya Reelnaym says:

    I blame myself for always coming back to this place, since i always tend to have the exact same reaction these days when i do; it just sickens me a bit what a flock of fevered ego enablers this place has become; a place to come and pretend an insulated, inward-looking coterie is ‘famous’.

    I recommend, myself. Happy travails..

  21. Sick of looking at car wrecks says:

  22. Susie Anderson says:

    this seems to accurately portray what i know about megan boyle. she is nice and cheeky =D i like how she constantly seems to be about to crack up