April 10th, 2013 / 4:00 pm
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Outfit and Poem for Springtime

I am invariably unimpressed by spring. Warm weather and sun aren’t traits that I find becoming. But still… spring does mean that you can wear clothes that you wouldn’t wear otherwise. So here is an outfit that I recently assembled:


Vintage Olympic t-shirt from a Goodwill in Missouri, polka dot tights by American Apparel, sunnies from a Chinese person on East Broadway, and UO boots

Also, here is a spring poem that was first published on Lambada. It’s authoress is the marvelous Monica McClure. If I was a boy who liked girls I would probably like Monica McClure, and we would most likely live in a really special place, and only those cognizant of certain things would be able to keep company with us:

Problems of Spring

It’s not my fault; the moon is shining through me.
Naturally, the most romantic steps forward

to say he swallowed a daffodil for every lover he’s had.
I can see where they dimple his stomach, I can see

the hardiness of arms, the artless shoveling
he’ll do from night to joyful morning.

To release me will dry his mouth to lemon,
I know, but I need the gaze of a man more than rain.

Another Bacchanalia in April, and I have only
half a body to dance, half to steady a canyon.

Nobody knows how to stay or leave. It’s not my fault,
although the way white blossoms look like hail

when they’re thrashed in a storm—it’s a pity.

Monica in Mandate of Heaven

Monica in Mandate of Heaven


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  1. Juan Pancake

      how very tavi gevinsonian

  2. mimi
  3. Alban Fischer

      AND he’s a selfie. Just keeps getting better!

  4. Don

      Tell us more of your theories about the Shoah.

  5. Brendan Connell

      Well, yeah, her poetry is better than his.

      “I don’t want attention I just want a strawberry frapuccino!”

      (Look at me look at me I’m a poeeeettttttt gasp gasp)