May 28th, 2013 / 6:23 pm
Behind the Scenes

WTF Is Happening In My Shower?

Even if you’ve never showered with me (hey ladies!) you know some weird things are going on in there.

photo (13)

From top left:

The shampoo is “Daily Clarifying.” Meaningless, but okay.

The shaving cream has “Pro-Soothe Technology.” Seems badass. It was developed in Silicon Valley, maybe.

The conditioner has egg whites, milk, and oil. It could make you an omelet.

The first conditioner on the bottom is “Volumizing.” Seems good. It’s a budget conditioner, so they probably don’t have copywriters. They came up with the name “White Rain” and fired all the creative people. Done.

The face soap has “bursting beads.” 9 out of 10 terrorists prefer it. Another of its claims is that it “wakes you up.”

The last conditioner is new age-y, left by a former roommate, the weirdest thing about it is that it has “7 Healthy Hair Nutrients.”


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