January 25th, 2012 / 7:26 pm

Tao Lin & Giancarlo DiTrapano read “Andrew”

Read “Andrew”: A Dialogue of Texts in the Year of Drugs and Kindness

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  1. Eduardo Quinones

      I attended this reading. Place was packed… Daniel Long was pretty great. Also these guys know how to get down. I wish I knew how to get down. I don’t know how to get ‘down’

  2. Eduardo Quinones

      Michael Bible and Chiara Barzini were great too.

  3. Anonymous

      drug use in new york seems ‘wild.’

  4. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      nic sheff sucked my dick for a copy of eeeee eee eeee. after he finished, i refused him the book. i enjoy hamilton morris’ column for vice. 

  5. Eduardo Quinones

      Seems like my life would benefit immensely from having an ‘Andrew’ in my life.

  6. Nich Eggert

      Giancarlo’s voice is very calming…

  7. Rusty Shackleford

      IDGI. So basically, “Tao Lin likes drugs” ?

  8. Erik Stinson

      “giancarlo came off as less of a drug nerd in person” – adam hump

      “lol we didn’t even try to say hi to tao at the reading. seemed funny.” – erik stinson

  9. Scott McClanahan

      Thank god somebody taped.

  10. Matthew Simmons

      Who doesn’t like drugs? They’re drugs! What’s not to like?