June 10th, 2013 / 3:11 pm
Mean & Snippets

Y’alls like pickles?


  1. Mark Cugini


  2. Daniel Bailey

      i’ve enjoyed some pickled foods that i’ve consumed. however, i don’t like your standard pickled cucumbers. i think it has more to do with the fact that i just don’t like cucumbers than it does the fact that it’s pickled.

  3. Matthew Simmons

      sure, man

  4. Adam Robinson

      can you say more about that?

  5. Trey

      I cannot get enough of baby gherkins.

  6. Mark Cugini

      they taste bad.

  7. JosephYoung

      what, 6 comments?

  8. Mark Cugini


  9. elizabeth ellen

      i like pickled eggs in a jar on a bar counter

  10. UncleIstvan

      Aw man! During the Great Depression, my great-grandmother used to make my grandmother peanutbutter and pickle sandwiches. Sounds weird but damn they’re good. Guess I know what I’m eating for dinner tonight.

  11. bartleby_taco

      i love pickles, Y U M

  12. Amy McDaniel

      I like the aftermath of pickles on a sandwich whose pickles have been necessarily removed

  13. mimi

      necessity is the mother of pickle removal

  14. A D Jameson

      I like pickled anything and everything. Pickled cucumbers, pickled beets, pickled eggs, pickled mushrooms, pickled ginger, you name it. If someone ever wanted to make me a nice gift, they could give me a pickled assortment. And “A Pickled Assortment,” there’s a free title for anyone who wants one.

  15. markbaumer

      I only like two things in the world: dogs and pickles

  16. markbaumer
  17. markbaumer

      I like these because they taste the best and because the guy that makes them used to cut my friends hair and because they are sold from a wooden cart in boston common and because i have a grillos shirt and because when all the pickles are gone i drink the brine.

  18. mimi

      i had pickled mushrooms for the first time ever about a week ago!

      at a restaurant at an elevation of 66 feet above sea level elevation 66 where they were served alongside “Baked Truffle Tremor” ( < < add to free title give-away) goat cheese


      they were soooo gooood! (the pickled 'shrooms)

  19. mimi

      i love dogs, and i like mrs. fanning’s bread & butter pickles best

  20. Grant Maierhofer

      my friend gave me these things called cornichons once and spoke very highly of them, they were OK. mostly i eat pickles by accident late at night when i’ve eaten something hearty and have something sweet planned for a few minutes later but need that interstitial salt rush. i definitely do like pickles though, i don’t think you have to love eating a food to just like that they exist. they’re green and gross looking and alien and lopsided and pimply and these are good qualities.

  21. panoptican

      I been spending my EBT on those McClure’s Pickles they sell in the fancy cheese section of my grocery stores. Good investment.

  22. shaun gannon

      i used to like them all by their lonesome but now i only like them as ingredients/toppings.

  23. Mark Cugini

      by accident, he says!

  24. A D Jameson

      Everything I do, Mimi, you will end up doing.

      Guess what I did today?

  25. mimi

      why don’t you just tell me, i don’t feel like guessing right now

  26. mimi

      unless it’s something bad or yucky, in which case i don’t want to know

  27. mimi

      does it involve a bear suit??

  28. A D Jameson

      A pickled bear suit.

  29. Jackson Nieuwland

      Hell naw. They nasty. Caro loves em though

  30. mimi

      oh my! what happened?

      did you fall into a giant vat of brine whilst wearing your bear suit??

      please reply –

      if ’tis to happen to me, must brace myself!!!

  31. A D Jameson

      I’m always pickled when wearing my bear suit.

  32. mimi
  33. mimi

      ps – do not … i repeat … DO NOT photoshop my face onto that pickle suit!!!

      thank you!

  34. A D Jameson

      So you do know what I did today, after all!

  35. Mark Cugini