Posted by @ 5:13 pm on February 5th, 2012

Dark Matter is a magazine I made up last night. It’s composed of poems from other publications on the internet and some songs. Some of the poems are newer and some are older. They come from publications that I enjoy reading. The songs are songs I like and can be listened to with the poems, or by themselves.


Brandon Shimoda, Rainbow from Indigest Magazine

Kari Edwards, [everyone’s dying…] from The Poetry Foundation

Alli Warren, 3 Poems, Lana Turner

The Cloud Nothings, Stay Useless from “Attack on Memory”

Ben Kopel, Turn off My Face from La Petite ‘zine

Nick Sturm, What a Tremendous Time We’re Having! from Ilk Journal

Eric Amling, 3 Poems from Barrelhouse

Douglas Kearney, The Chitlin’ CircuitĀ 

Expensive Looks, Nothing More from “Dark Matters”

Amanda Nadleberg, Of Oceans, IT’S MY DECISION

Patricia Lockwood, Children With Lamps Pouring Out of Their Foreheads, [PANK]

Peaking Lights, Key Sparrow from “936”

Paul Legault, Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror 2, The Continental Review


Dark Matter may never appear again. Or it will appear somewhere else on the internet or on HTML Giant again.



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