October 7th, 2010 / 5:50 pm

I Like What The Hell Is Going On Over Here

New Hauschka album available for a stream. Preparedly playing prepared piano.

Richard Nash extravaganza at WWAATD. Was gonna do this myself, now I don’t have to.

Noah Cicero doesn’t want no one talking bout no theories. He very upset.

This lady, this movie, every time I think why not.


Andy Denzler’s paintings are doing something I like a hell of a lot, saw one in Harper’s.

Blue Angels flew over my building a lot this afternoon, went topside to watch the terrorists win.

Not much of a photographer, not much of a camera—in fact, it’s a phone.

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  1. lorian

      you should see what the blue angels do to the tenderloin, zombie electrocution.

  2. reynard seifert

      i live in the tender-almost-nob

  3. lorian

      i used to live in the tendernob, work in the tenderloin, now live in the mission. 3 very fucked, very fun, neighborhoods.

  4. jereme_dean

      “live the tendernob”

  5. deadgod

      what does that even mean to call a tradition bankrupt?

      ‘Bankruptcy’ is the ‘rupture of a bank; destitution of a formerly economically viable person, account, institution’. ‘Tradition’ is ‘history which is passed on to and into one; history which is effective’. So, metaphorically, a “bankrupt tradition” is a ‘tradition whose wealth is no longer spendable, even by those who are aware of details of that history’, that is, a ‘history which is no longer effective, despite its material persistence’.

      Reynard, the sterility of abstraction is not an issue in understanding this metaphor.

      It is an amusingly winding rant.

  6. Ryan Call

      first pic of the two f18s is pretty. wife and i were in san francisco a few yrs ago for fleet week and saw their show from some lookout in the presidio. i bet those guys are really close. few feet?

  7. reynard seifert

      ‘objects in cellphone-camera are closer than they appear’

  8. MM

      Ah the blue assholes, that is one of the few frank-oak-berk things I do not lament my recent loss of! This afternoon, spurred by a status-sentence from some other friend, also in exasperation, I wasted almost an hour reading the wikipedia article; I was actually anticipating some mention of outrage or hate group. I did discover that Chris Daly once tried to ban them, but flag-wavers fought back. I hate how their heinous hum can be heard even inside. I report I’ve been more startled by Fleet Week than earthquakes. Did you know that 10% of the BA pilots have died on the job?

  9. letters journal

      Hauschka is good. Never heard them before.

  10. darby

      i’ve never heard of haushcka, pretty amazing. thanks for posting it.

  11. Adam Robinson

      I kind of like the second pic better.

  12. I. Fontana

      I have a couple of Hauschcka CDs, and they’re pleasant but merely decorative in the end. He invokes the pastorale again and again — which is OK, this is what he wants to hear, but his aesthetic becomes rather anonymous, sonic wallpaper after a while. He advances the prepared piano not a jot.

      Sure, this is nice music…. precisely.

  13. reynard seifert

      yeah i think he just fucks around with it, as far as advancement goes i dunno. actually most of this album has little to do with the prepared piano, kind of disappointed

  14. eric

      He’s incorporating quartets more and more, certainly moving away from just prepared piano. Seems more like he’s interested in being a composer now and keeping prepared rhythms to let other instruments do the heavy lifting. I kinda like.