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Write a Book, Then Take a Picture of Yourself Looking Like a Douche and Put It Inside

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Flavorwire has spoken out against the five major offenses frequently made in author photos. For my next book I want to take an author photo that breaks all five where I’m smoking while putting my hands to my face while twisting my torso to rest my arm on the couch in my office and supporting my head upon┬ámy fist.

Author Photo Failures

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Ah, the multitude of ways an author photo can come out so very wrong.

Here’s a classic:

Let’s forget for a moment that this is Dan Brown and instead just list all the ways his photographer/stylist managed to make him look like a schmuck:

Shit-eating grin, Ye Olde Boys Club decor, leaning against the fireplace, hand on hip, feet positioned for him to pirouette to his next manicure, T-shirt tucked into belted Dad Jeans… Oh my god I have to stop. Next… (more…)