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Blog Post 2012

I saw Contraband last night and thought it was okay. See what happens is Mark Wahlberg’s brother-in-law effs up with smuggling so even though Mark gave up the life he has to do one more run to save his family. And he does, and it’s some tricky stuff, and I liked the movie.

But I missed the beginning because I was talking to Zach and Gene about Literature Party 2012, which will be at AWP and will include not just a killer dance party but some amazing performances including puppets and cameras.

Early yesterday I was playing disc golf, which Sean Lovelace got me started on, and Michael Kimball keeps me going at. I am not so good at it, but whatever, it’s fun. Kimball is great at it. He can really fling those things. He’s usually somewhat below par. Here’s a photo of me pointing to how bad I am.


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January 19th, 2012 / 1:28 pm

Chapbook Genius

I put a new face on Chapbook Genius and just released a collection of poems by Buck Downs. See the eBook here, where you can read it at Issuu, print it yourself, or get it for your eReader through Smashwords, all free.

Buck Downs is for real. I’ve seen him read a few times, laughing all the way. Seeing his poems on the page is a trick. They gloss brill and don’t wait but you go hallelujah back at them next Thursday all what.

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October 1st, 2010 / 4:09 pm