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The School

At The School the creative writing undergrads will be allowed to write only about their hobby. Homework assignments will go like this: “Go home, and do your hobby.” Readings will include rule-books (if your hobby was boccie, etc) or instruction manuals (if your hobby was creating birdhouses out of Q Tips, etc). If you have no hobby, you are immediately expelled from The School.

Grad students in creative writing at The School will be allowed to write only about their job. Homework assignments will go like this: “Go home, and do your job.” Readings will include employment manuals (if your job was lifeguard at city pool, etc), local maps (if your job was delivering various types of paper, etc), or instructional material (if your job was to monitor the unloading of industrial chemicals from train tankers, etc). If you have no job, you are immediately expelled from The School.

Workshop will take place in the pond. The students will sink or swim, in silence.

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January 17th, 2010 / 5:15 pm

Box Hype Contest


See that little advertising box up in the right hand corner? Right now it’s scrolling through 3 different pictures, which in weeks and months to come will be populated with new ads, images, etc. We thought it would be cool inside the stream if we opened that space up to our users, as a chance to promote their books, chapbooks, magazines, pics of self, or anything else. So we’re opening the gates…

Through the end of next week we’ll be accepting entries for the first of a monthly series of contest prompts where one person will get a free slot of any picture they’d like to see rotating in that box (linked out to wherever, waking hype, traffic, etc.). 1 in 3 viewers of the site will see it each time it reloads. No, it can’t be porn, or really disgusting. We reserve the right to streamline too much baddy.

To win this spot, for month 1, we’re asking that you submit a response to any piece of creative work published online. A mini review of a story you liked in Diagram, or a poem you liked in Typo, or a review of a chapbook, book, anything. Critical response, creative response, whichever way, but please make it clear what you are responding to (and include a link!). One winner, out of however many entries, will be selected by a HTML Giant contributor to be named later, and that winner will select an image/link to put in the box for the next month. Simple, fun, pimping.

Posts should be 300 words or more. We’ll reserve the right to use any entry, including the winning one, as a post on the site (with you credited, of course). Send your entires through next Sunday the 27th to We’ll pick the winner and host them through January of the new year. And then February, a new contest. Etc. Go!

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December 18th, 2009 / 2:09 pm