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Who Could Win a Rabbit?

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009


To win a copy of Easter Rabbit by Joseph Young, try to emulate his distinctive style (as seen at Frigg and Lamination Colony). Mail up to three mimics to by Dec 15. The contest is being judged (blindly) by Ellen Parker, editor of Frigg.

Three winners will be chosen. You can win even if you already have a copy of the book or whatever. More info here.

HTMLGIANT wrote about the book. Thanks Chris.

Friggin Winter

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Here are two things I like a lot about FRiGG, which is edited by Ellen Parker:

1) It always looks amazingly ornate. Each issue flings these full color graphics at you for every author’s page. I think this is a smart way to be an online magazine in a different way than we normally imagine. Normally we think online lends itself to streamlined, simple, a few solid colors. Sure, that makes sense. But FRiGG’s approach also makes sense because you couldn’t do this lavish kind of stuff in print; it would be too expensive, right? Yes. And then the paintings are smart enough to recede into the background for the text, which is just a very simple black on white. I feel like there is a curator’s sense of individual-by-individual care that goes into presenting all the authors, and that’s great.

2) FRiGG seems aware that people don’t usually want to read 2000+ word stories on the Web, but they publish some anyway, and usually the ones they publish seem smart in their length: broken up cleverly or chasing you with enough line-by-line momentum that you forget the idea of eye strain and read the whole thing. I think this is terrific editorial shrewdness.

All of which is to introduce FRiGG’s new issue, which features stories and poems from: Joshua Ben-Noah Carlson, Louie Crew, Barry Graham, Crystal J. Hoffman, Tiff Holland, Paul Hostovsky, Dennis Mahagin, Ravi Mangla, Mary Miller, Suzanne Ondrus, Jennifer Pieroni, and Katy Whittingham. Peek it now.