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Today seems quiet. Everyone is probably packing?

Threats by Amelia Gray is out, and I can tell you it’ll do to your head/brain/skull all things promised, and more. (I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy, borrowed from someone who had borrowed it [now I have my own], but it is available HERE)

Picador has been reprinting the novels of Donald Antrim with new intros: George Saunders (The Verificationist), Jonathan Franzen (The Hundred Brothers), and Jeffrey Eugenides (Elect Mr. Robinson for a Better World). Elect Mr. Robinson… will be out this June.

Kaleidoscope is a randomized novella by Jianyu Pên.

Madras Press recently released a special edition of “Stone Animals” by Kelly Link, with illustrations and a letterpressed cover.

The second issue of The Coffin Factory just came out, with work by Aimee Bender, Lydia Davis, Edwidge Danticat, Justin Taylor, Adam Wilson, etc. (more later)

The Guggenheim has digitized many of its (out-of-print) publications.

Redivider FINALLY (yes I’m calling you out) has an updated website with the new issue, featuring the talented Mike Young, Mary Miller, J.A. Tyler, Melissa Broder, etc. The cover is nice:

Some of these things will be available at AWP. Do you think someone will write a blog post soon called “AWP recap?” What if that didn’t happen?

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February 28th, 2012 / 6:03 pm


You only get one short story to read for the rest of your life.  What do you choose?  I might go with “The Hortlak” by Kelly Link.  Or “My Lord You” or “Platinum” by James Salter.

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June 28th, 2010 / 11:02 am

Free for Magic For Beginners for all

Kelly Link, in celebration of her new collection just released, PRETTY MONSTERS (of which I am stoked), has released to the reading public and online freakshow free digital copies of her incredible collection MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS.

MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS is one of my favorite story collections ever, so if you haven’t read it yet, maybe this will give you the push. ‘Stone Animals’ is easily in my top 5 stories ever, for its weird magical listmaking and supreme creeps, but all of the stories in MFB are pretty damn fantastic.

The newer PRETTY MONSTERS book also has a website which makes me excited for the book. Here is what it is said to contain:

# A phone booth in Las Vegas
# Aliens
# Unhelpful wizards
# Possibly carnivorous sofas
# A handbag with a village inside it
# Tennessee Fainting Goats
# Dueling librarians
# A statue of George Washington
# A boy named Onion
# Pirates
# An undead babysitter
# A nationally-ranked soccer player
# Shapeshifters
# An unexpected campfire guest

Kelly Link can eat you. Read free then buy.

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October 4th, 2008 / 1:30 pm