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HEY, there’s a new jubilat website! Heather Christle tricked it out with all kinds of good, including stuff from the archives, an A/V closet, and a wack index.

Excellent Dark Sky Magazine is doing a give for the excellent Brian Allen Carr’s excellent Short Bus. Yarta goget tha buk. On the now.

At Full Stop, David Backer points to Buzz Mauro’s Everyday Genius story and says that “dressed up with a few offhand observations, whimsical musings and flourishes of free association, ‘Delicious Noodles’ asserts itself as a convincing self-contained whole.” Then Backer points to a story by Matt Bell, from Conjunctions, that I overheard Matt talking about in a bar in DC on Saturday. “You’re supposed to do whatever you want with it,” he said (paraphrase).

Gabe Durham’s Fun Camp book will be out from Mud Luscious in 2013. If you’re an online literature reader, you’ve probably seen a piece from this here or there cuz they been everywhere man.

Also in new books: Publishers Weekly announces Melissa Broder’s Meat Heart, forthcoming from PGP in February. Also in PGP: Chris Toll’s The Disinformation Phase is now available for pre-order.

Also also: congratulations to Stephanie Barber, announced yesterday as a finalist for the Sondheim Prize.

At Tyrant Books, pre-orders are open for Michael Kimball’s renewed novel, Us, too.

And Dzanc just nabbed three by Stephen Graham Jones.

I feel like these roundups are of limited value. Is anyone still with me? There’s more goodness.

Like life. Ariana Reines remembers Paul Violi in a personal post that really blew me away.

If you’re not reading Bill Knott’s cranky blog, you don’t know what the Internet is.

What is the poetic equivalent of this throw from SS (Alexi Casilla, 4/18/11)? In what journal would it appear?

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April 20th, 2011 / 8:32 am

These Are Not Divergences They Are Where You Mean to Go

The trailer for Kathryn Regina‘s chapbook forthcoming from Greying Ghost is enough to make you cry.

Ingrid Burrington is an artist and writer in Baltimore, MD. Her work is pithy and remarkable. Check out this frames gag.

Nathan Leslie nails tone in “Pickle Man,” his story in the new JMWW.

If you care about chapbooks, what if you were in NYC on April 23-25 and went to this conference, called “A Celebration of the Chapbook“?

Via Chris Higgs, here is Ad-Art by Steve Lambert, a Firefox plug-in that replaces online ads with art. Will this development ruin online publishing?

I received HTML Giant-owned Chelsea Martin’s book Everything Was Fine Until Whatever from Future Tense this weekend. It’s amazing. Here’s a rad video (*I updated this link to the Noo Journal one I just watched, which is newer*).

Baseball season is now upon us, and accordingly Hobart released their annual baseball issue yesterday. In Simon Smith’s “Man’s Man,” an overzealous pinch-runner shoulda held at third. It’s literally mind-blowing.

Do link round-ups work in this Web 2.0 era, or are they more pre-embeddable video?

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April 6th, 2009 / 11:27 am