Day of Jubilee: Tao Lin offers free victory book to Barack Obama

>>barack obama, i know you read this blog from looking at statcounter
email me (or comment in the comments section of this post) your address within 24 hours and i will send you a free copy of ‘eeeee eee eeee’ as a congratulatory gesture for becoming the president, good job

with ‘obama’ as president my writing will increase in viability, i believe

with less political troubles comes more time for ‘self indulgence’ and ‘meaninglessness,’ perhaps i will win the nobel prize, perhaps a pen/faulkner award will be ‘set aside’ for me, the void in my soul shaped like a pen/faulkner award will maybe finally be filled, a ‘latching’ noise similar to in zelda when the triforce is reunited will be heard throughout the blogosphere, i will be completed finally as a human being and stop crying<<


Happy Actually Having a Future Maybe, Instead of Definitely Being Totally Fucked!

Here’s one for the road-


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November 5th, 2008 / 2:04 pm