Mary Ruefle

“I get so very tired of having to talk about literature. I didn’t begin writing because I wanted to sit in a room and discuss the subjectivity in Wordsworth and Ashbery; I began writing because I had made friends with the dead: they had written to me, in their books, about life on earth and I wanted to write back and say yes, house, bridge, river, hair, no, maybe, never, forever.” — Mary Ruefle (via Amber Sparks)

Live Giants 8: A Crew of Ruefle (NYC/Chicago)

Thank you to everyone who read, and thank you for watching tonight. We should have the videos archived at our ustream channel now.*

Remember, from now until 9am tomorrow, you can purchase Mary Ruefle’s Selected Poems for only $15 from Wave Books here.

*To watch the archived version just go here.

Also, from the comments below, Mary Ruefle says:

dear readers, thank you so much, I am in a concrete room, very small, not very experienced, and although I do not believe for one moment of my life that I wrote those poems, I can go so far as to say I wish I did.

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September 28th, 2010 / 7:55 pm

Live Giants #8: A Crew of Mary Ruefle

In celebration of the release of Mary Ruefle’s Selected Poems from Wave, the eighth installment of the Live Giants online readings series will be next Tuesday, September 28th, at 8PM Eastern. This time we’ll be broadcasting live from two different cities, Chicago and New York, with small crews of local poets in each place reading from Mary’s work, all available for watching here on the site from your computer.


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September 22nd, 2010 / 11:55 am