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A Top Three, by Zak Smith


So yesterday I sent out an email asking a fairly large group of writer, editor and publishing friends to send me their top 3 books published this year. I told them to interpret “top” any way they chose to, and to feel no pressure to expound on their choices. One of the first responses was this exuberant, flame-throwing missive from Zak Smith, author of the eminently top 3-able We Did Porn (Tin House Books). I decided that Zak’s note was worth publishing in full, as is, but that it was really too long for the post of mini-lists I was compiling. So here, now, is Zak’s top 3, offered as a kind of advance payment on the full list of lists, which will hopefully be forthcoming next week.


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December 11th, 2009 / 1:58 pm

Nick Cave Reads from ‘The Death of Bunny Munro’

Pretty stoked on this forthcoming new novel from the dark dad, Nick Cave. Here’s him speaking tongues from Chap 3 of his new forthcoming novel The Death of Bunny Munro:

Musicians who can actually write are pretty rare, for sure. Nick ain’t no joke. (On a side note, would someone please rerelease Michael Gira’s The Consumer? Why hasn’t that happened yet? Derek, Calamari?)

See more videos and a whole lot more at the book’s website.


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July 17th, 2009 / 1:19 pm