today i saw the word POSTMODERNISM like 5 times so i thought about something

i like the books POSTMODERNISM: THE LOGIC OF LATE CAPITALISM and also THE POSTMODERN CONDITION: A REPORT ON KNOWLEDGE.  i think that after reading those two books i actually knew what postmodernism meant, not just like: “oh there’s a giraffe eating fritos and watching himself on television” type of postmodernism.  frederick jameson wrote the first book and jean francois lyotard wrote the other.  they both explain the idea in terms that apply to production and technology and to me that makes them applicable.  i think before, when someone said “postmodernism,” i thought, “oh there must be a giraffe eating fritos and watching himself on television in that story.”  READ MORE >

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December 23rd, 2008 / 7:51 pm

In which meta-parody is predictable and uncharming

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November 14th, 2008 / 6:21 pm