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Justin Marks the Spot


Justin Marks (A Million in Prizes) is the featured artist over at Tusculum Review. Also, our own Rauan Klassnik interviewed Marks for his blog. Also, Tusculum review is very interesting, and their site is filled with little treasures. Previous featured artists have included such fine folks as Mathias Svalina and Alexis Orgera, both occasional targets of this blog’s affection. You should spend some time there.

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November 3rd, 2009 / 1:59 pm

Apples and Cheese: Both in Your Mouth

Rauan Klassink’s Ringing, a new e-book from Kitchen Press. Sam Pink just interviewed Rauan a few hours ago, which means it’s almost outdated. Mercy!


Leonard Cohen’s Beautiful Losers. A novel that should be as indie-revered as any you can name by Yipzeeny, Kurdledonk, or Qqqqqqqq. But people never mention it? Is it because Thomas Pynchon liked it? Is it because it’s about a bisexual love triangle and a dead Native American Catholic saint? Is it because Montreal? It is because God of? You’re like, “Is that the Hallelujah guy? Didn’t he write that cute Suzanne song?” Is it because of Charles Atlas or a mystical dildo? Are you afraid? Cohen called Beautiful Losers more of a sunstroke than a novel. People turn into movie projectors. People cancel a statue of Queen Victoria. Hey, when you get a chance, you should buy your new favorite novel:

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March 2nd, 2009 / 9:50 pm