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SPD 30% Summer Reading Endless Fiction

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Don’t be crazy, damn, get yourself summa these summa books, 30% off, damn, like Urs Alleman, Blake Butler, Amina Cain, Lily Hoang, Peter Markus, Matthew Simmons, Joy Williams, John Dermot Woods, Andrew Zornova. I got the Amina Cain, I Go to Some Hollow and Eugene Marten’s Firework. What! Not to sound like a commercial but: great books, great prices and SPD is a great company to support.

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

SPD is offering 40% off on all poetry books from the 20th century through the end of April, they have included a list of choice choices, anything else hot come to mind to pick up?

SPD Poetry Month Special: 40% Off

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Since it’s Poetry Month, the awesome SPD is offering a 40% discount on poetry books that came out before 2000. Lots of amazing titles to remember and dream about and buy. I finally bought books by Lorine Niedecker and Linh Dinh. I feel bad that it took me this long to buy them, but happy that I got them at a great discount.

Soon I will have absolutely no $$ and more books than I can see

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Dang. SPD is having a 75% off sale. I am about to call the bank and ask for a loan. ‘For what?’ ‘For more books’ ‘I thought you had books.’ ‘I have books.’ ‘Let’s do it up!’

SPD's End of Capitalism Sale

ON Contemporary Practice 1

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

This just showed up in my in-box. I think it looks promising. I like that the focus is on critical discourse rather than “reviewing,” which all too frequently (esp. in Poetry Land) seems to exist merely to generate blurbs and perpetuate the general circle jerk. Not that I’m opposed to people going to bat for each other–but praise without analysis is worse than just intellectually bankrupt. It’s boring. This, on the other hand, looks as if it won’t be boring or intellectually bankrupt, and therefore, I am all too glad to tell you about it. Or, rather, to quote huge chunks of the press release at you, and thereby let it tell about itself: 



Contemporary Practice 1 


ON Contemporary Practice gathers writing about the practices or poetics of one’s contemporaries. While these writings may be highly anti-categorical or “hybrid,” they are ultimately for the cultivation and extension of critical discourse. 
ON primarily publishes essays on contemporaries that investigate a poetics or practice. It does not publish reviews of individual poems, chapbooks, performances, etc. It also does not publish poems. ON’s editors will consider all submissions but will not provide extensive editorial feedback toward publication. 


ON is edited by Michael Cross, Thom Donovan & Kyle Schlesinger. If you would like to submit to ON please write the editors at ON welcomes all unsolicited materials which pursue the below guidelines. For more about ON’s editorial positions, please see the first issue’s editorial, “For a Discourse”.


Contents of Issue #1:

Taylor Brady, Brandon Brown, CAConrad, Jason Christie, Michael Cross, Thom Donovan, Eli Drabman, Rob Halpern, Jen Hofer, Alan Gilbert, Brenda Iijima, Andrew Levy, Edric Mesmer, Sawako Nakayasu, Tenney Nathanson, Richard Owens, Tim Peterson, Andrew Rippeon, Kyle Schlesinger, Jonathan Skinner, Dale Smith, Suzanne Stein, Ali Warren, Katie Yeats 


Arakawa/Gins, Taylor Brady, CAConrad, Michael Cross, Beverly Dahlen, Michael deBeyer, Mark Dickinson, kari edwards, DJ/Rupture, Thom Donovan, Belle Gironda, Brenda Iijima, CJ Martin, Emily McVarish, Yedda Morrison, Hoa Nguyen, Sawako Nakayasu, Julie Patton, Lauren Shufran, Suzanne Stein, Dana Ward, Ali Warren 


Small Press Distribution
1341 Seventh Street
Berkeley, CA 94710-1409

Tel. (800) 869-7553

published by:
Cuneiform Press
214 N. Henry Street
Brooklyn, NY