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Take a Saturday evening—or make a bookmark for tomorrow’s hangover—to read the new Collagist, featuring the Gabriels Blackwell and Durham; the four names of Mary Jo Firth Gillett; the three names of Tina May Hall, Emily Kendal Frey, Reginald Dwayne Betts, and Alan Michael Parker; another Parker named Jeff, who’s called in to introduce that classic double punch of P’s, Mister Padgett Powell; and a bunch of other people who don’t fit into the moronic cleverness of the earlier clauses, including: Doug Ramspeck, Jennifer S. Cheng, Anna Clark, John Madera, Stacy Muszynski, and Angela Stubbs. Good stuff. Kudos to Matt Bell for another great issue!

The December Collagist


The new issue of The Collagist is out. Here’s what I think about that: This is a must read online journal. Every issue so far has struck me with how completely realized it is, how each piece — especially the stories and non-fiction — is smooth and well-thunk, creating a total, culturally relevant package. I mean, seriously, like, this journal is quickly surpassing big lit joints on the order of The Paris Review and becoming something that it seems all intelligent people (and not just writers) ought to care about. Also, it strikes me that The Collagist is calmly answering the question about how an online magazine ought to differ from a print publication. While much of the work there is, y’know, just a story that could easily appear on the page, they also feature a video book review by Anna Clark. Now the video even has some chintzy music to start the thing, and then incorporates images of the author and contextual pics interspersed with the reviewer talking about and reading from the book in question. Pretty cool. I like that they don’t rely on comments or links to make it hypertextual.

For a way into this month, check out Jennifer Howard’s three pieces. And if you haven’t yet, pull your laptop into your bed tonight and read Matthew Derby’s wowzer, “Full Metal Jhacket” from October. It’s such a fun story.

Kudos and thanks to Matt Bell and Dzanc Books for creating such a smart venue for writers to aspire to, and for bringing such an authentic and well-conceived journal to the online scene. I honestly feel better about the world knowing it’s out there. It joins Robot Melon as my favorite source of lit in the electronic sphere.

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December 15th, 2009 / 12:12 pm

The Collagist Now Online

DZANC Books‘s new online literary magazine, The Collagist, has just posted its debut issue. Edited by steam-train-among-men Matt Bell (pictured at right, the totally casual one), The Collagist features plenty of big hitters right out of the dugout, including Chris Bachelder, Kim Chinquee, and Kevin Wilson.

The work in The Collagist‘s first issue—stories, poems, essays—covers everything from router anxiety to sinkhole champions; from snowman-inspired carnality to Eastern Oregon; from thoughtful video reviews to thoughtful verbal reviews (including a review of Brian Evenson’s Fugue State by our own Ryan Call); from an essay about being in some dude’s workshop by David McLendon to a story by the dude who ran that workshop, some dude named Gordon Lish, this Lish dude, dude Lish, Gordotron, named a story, ran a shop, worked.

There is also, of course, the clean-as-a-jeweler’s-glasses presentation that we’ve come to expect from DZANC. Kudos to all involved, and do please readers give The Collagist your face, now and deeply. Press release from Matt Bell, with full contributor list, after the jump. READ MORE >

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August 15th, 2009 / 1:14 am

TIGHT: Dzanc Books announces new web based journal THE COLLAGIST, submissions open now