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“Name Rachel Sherman’s Firstborn” Contest Winner announced!


Dear Giant Friends, 

The day before Thanksgiving, we posted a contest to NAME RACHEL SHERMAN’S BABY.  Well, that contest has a winner now. Rachel writes:


>>After much thought and debate, the winner for most clever baby name is…

Thirdperson Close!

We will be welcoming Thirdperson (or Thirdy, as we like to call her) to the world in just 5 1/2 weeks. Hopefully she will like her name! Thank you for all your submissions!!



“Thirdperson Close” was submmitted by a guy named David who left no contact information of any kind. As promised, the winner gets a signed copy of Rachel’s story collection, The First Hurt. DAVID IF YOU’RE OUT THERE YOU SHOULD EMAIL ME VIA MY WEBSITE and give me a mailing address and the name to which you want the book signed. I’ll pass these along to Rachel and you’ll get your prize.



Whelp it good.

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December 5th, 2008 / 12:44 pm

WE WANT YOU: To Help Name Rachel Sherman’s Firstborn Child!

So yesterday I had lunch with Rachel Sherman (author of The First Hurt), who also teaches at Rutgers. She’s wildly pregnant, and told me she’s due in about 7 weeks. She mentioned that the baby is a girl, and I asked if she and her husband had a name picked out. She said there were several in the running, but nothing was settled. I suggested that maybe the best way to come to a decision was through an internet contest. And so, after I agreed to her single and only stipulation–which is that the results are non-binding–she basically told me to go knock myself out.

So it’s now up to YOU to help NAME RACHEL SHERMAN’S BABY. The rules of the game are simple: post your nomination for the baby’s name in the comments section of this post. Eventually, Rachel will pick a winner, and also explain what type of winner you are: (1) “winner” in the sense of “yeah I might totally call my kid that” or (2) “winner” in the sense of “that was really funny slash original slash offensive of you, but seriously dude.”  (UPDATE: Rachel says the winner also gets a signed copy of The First Hurt.)

To help get you in the right spirit, here’s a picture of a tiny adorable primate clutching a teddy bear.

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November 26th, 2008 / 12:07 pm