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Pina (Bausch) The Movie — Cults and Transcendence (??) — Selling Out (??)




Pina, the movie, Wim Wenders’ movie, about Pina Bausch, the German dancer and choreographer, is a beautiful and strange thing about which much has been said– and I’m going, here, to put my 2 cents into the conversation regarding the inhumanity of the “characters” in the performances; the heavily-emphasized “cult” aspect of Pina and her dancer/followers; and, lastly, the fact that the movie, for all its strangeness, all its ability to jar, alienate and electrify seems to be a tamer and lesser version of what it could have been.

(It’s worth noting, also, that Pina died, unexpectedly, two days before production was set to have begun). READ MORE >

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June 24th, 2013 / 3:25 pm

Q: Is literature a language about to get lost, an art about to die?

At the 1982 Cannes Film Festival, Wim Wenders set up a camera in room 666 at Hotel Martinez and asked a few directors to answer the question: “Is cinema a language about to get lost, an art about to die?” Their answers became a documentary called Room 666. I wonder how you might answer this question if it were reworded to focus on literature…?




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December 30th, 2009 / 12:33 pm