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Opium’s Network of Writers Experiment

The “Opium’s Network of Writers Experiment” is seeking quotes about writing one writer passes along to another. The latter writer is to submit the quote to Opium. (I don’t think either writer needs to be ‘famous,’ though I may be wrong.)

The Lost Generation had Paris, we have the internet. Short of any idealistic ‘organic’ ‘philosophizing over absinthe’ process, I think it would be most effective to streamline this son of a bitch by posting a comment about writing – as an open submission of sorts – for anyone to pick-off and relay to Opium if they wish. The deadline is March 3.

So, two things will be done: 1) leave a comment about writing (with full-name as you wish to be cited), and/or 2) pick a quote you like and submit it to Opium.

Here are examples provided by Opium (which seem a little stuffy and pedantic to me, so let’s show those kids how it’s really done):

“Writing a book is a marathon, not a sprint. Write around 700 words a day and then stop.” –Mieke Eerkens was told by Vikram Chandra.

“You shouldn’t write a novel unless you have an idea for one.” –Jamey Genna was told by Lewis Buzbee.

Submit appropriated quotes here: opiumwritersexperiment@gmail.com

In narcissistic delight, here’s my quote, if any of you want:

“No double-spaces or cramps after the period.”

God damn I’m subtle.

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February 26th, 2009 / 4:35 pm